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Volcanoes Faces

The more you travel, the less you are surprised. But.

The trip to two volcanoes in Java, Indonesia have opened my eyes and heart. The mixture of incredible nature and simple yet pure people reminded me how great is to be alive and to have the possibility to travel. I've experienced mixed feelings watching those people working inside the volcano’s crater in really harmful conditions: at first you feel pity because the work they do is really tough and watching how they carry 70-90 kg of sulfur on their tiny backs is painful. After spending some time with them while talking and making pictures you understand how proud they feel doing this super-hero work and having possibility to bring some money to their families.

In the end you think about yourself. There is nothing you can complain about your life. You feel in love and that is the magic of Volcanoes Faces.

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Margarita Bukšnaitytė